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Claim More Money are a brand new and unique concept,
operated by a professional firm of expert Solicitors, with a strong track record
of putting right claims that have been dealt with negligently.
We’re here to help you get what you rightly deserve and to fight on your behalf
to get you your full entitlement and we won’t rest until we do.


If you’ve had any kind of accident in the last 5 years
and you received a payout for your injuries, you might be feeling that you
settled too soon or that your claim wasn’t dealt with properly.

You may still be suffering from your injuries.

A lot of people think that once your case was settled,
there’s no going back and that
the door is well and truly closed for good...

...well no!

at CLAIM MORE MONEY, we’ll go back and re-open
your claim and review it for free!


Many accident claims are settled too quickly,
without getting the most for people like you, that’s where we can help!

We go back through your claim in fine detail and if we find
that your previous solicitor wasn’t thorough enough and
   your claim was mishandled

we’ll squeeze out all the compensation that you
were entitled to, getting you more money...

...and we won’t rest until we get you every last penny

To see how much more money these people received.



Is what you should have got in the first place...
all the money that you were entitled to,
which could add up to thousands!

and don’t worry, there are no upfront
fees because it’s all on a No Win No Fee basis.

Claim more money


IT’S SO EASY we’ll take care of everything and we make the process simple, so either:

Call us on 0800 612 5030

We’ll take the necessary steps to obtain your previous Solicitor’s file of papers

We’ll take it from there and act on your behalf to get you what you’re worth

You receive your cheque if successful!

Or complete the form below and we’ll get one of our experts to get in touch with you!

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Case Studies

1. Mr G instructed Parabis Law to pursue a claim for injuries arising out of a road traffic accident on 15 December 2011. Liability for the accident was admitted. Unfortunately Parabis Law advised Mr G to accept an offer for his personal injury compensation claim which was too low resulting in an under-settlement. They failed to properly investigate or have adequate regard to the Claimant’s tinnitus. Mr G contacted Claim More Money as he was not happy with the settlement he had received from Parabis Law. We were able to advise him that there had in fact been an under-settlement. His claim was reopened and Parabis Law agreed to pay Mr G a further £5,500 over and above the initial £10,000 they settled the original case for

2. Mr T. v Mackerell & Thomas Solicitors. Mr T had been involved in a road traffic accident and decided to instruct Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors. Unfortunately, Mackrell & Thomas advised Mr T. to accept an offer for his personal injury compensation claim which was too low and resulted in an under settlement of his case. They also failed to investigate the fact that Mr T. had been left extremely nervous when travelling either as a passenger or a driver and again this resulted in his eventual settlement being far too low as compared to what his claim was actually worth. Mr T. contacted ourselves as he was not happy with his settlement and we were able to advise him that there had in fact been an under settlement, his claim was re-opened and we eventually forced Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors to pay Mr T. a further £5,000 over and above the initial £2,800 that they had under settled his case for, resulting in him receiving a much fairer £7,800 overall.

3. Mr F. v Lucas Law. Mr F. had incurred an injury when he fell over as a result of a raised paving stone. Whenever pursuing a claim for an accident, your solicitors must commence legal proceedings in court within 3 years from the date of the accident. Unfortunately, on this occasion Lucas Law did not commence proceedings for Mr F. within that 3 years and as a result, despite Mr F. having a potentially good claim against the local Council, the Court would not allow his claim to proceed because the proceedings had not been issued in time. Mr F. approached ourselves for advice and we were able to pursue compensation for his injury against Lucas Law on the basis of their not having issued proceedings in time, and we were eventually able to obtain £1500 in compensation against them for Mr F. so that although we had lost the opportunity to sue the Council, he was able to get his compensation from Lucas Law.